Anupama 9th July 2021: Vanraj asks Kavya to stop accusing Anupama and Kinjal

Anupama 9th July 2021 Written Update

Kavya keeps on insulting Anupama and says that she lost his job due to Anupama she tells that Anupama distracted her and that the reason she lost her job. Kavya says that Anupama has eyed on her and her husband’s job and that’s the reason they both have lost their jobs on the same day.

Vanraj gets furious he tells kavya that he has lost his job due to her as she was never satisfied with his cafe job. Kavya start saying that everything is due to her and she is very bad she starts crying Rakhi tells Anupama to capture the moment because Kavya is crying for the first time Anupama says not to you get happy seeing others sadness.

Rakhi tells Anupama not to behave like that she is very good, Anupama tells that it’s only humanity. Kinjal hugs Anupama and Anupama consoles are Paritosh tells Kinjal to move on. Kinjal says that Kavya is very good at heart professional level and very bad thing happened to her. Paritosh says that he is very much afraid that what will happen to vanraj and Kavya relationship.

On the other hand Kavya goes on blaming Anupama and Kinjal for losing her job Vanraj gets upset and face Kavya to stop blaming them for losing her job. Leela says to Anupama that vanraj and Kavya’s argument can be heard from outside. She tells Anupama to tell Kavya to calm them down .anupama says Kavya has never stayed in a joint family and that’s why she is speaking so loudly.

Anupama calls Swaraj and Kavya and tells them to talk softly as they can be heard from outside Kavya tells that she don’t want Anupama to teach her this. Anupama tells her to keep on shouting if she thinks that she can get her job back by shouting.

Kavya calms down, vanraj tells kavya to just relax. Vanraj hugs hushmuk and starts crying he tells him that all the bad deeds he has done to his children and anupama is hitting him back. Hushmuk motivation and says that everything will get well soon.

Leela meets Kavya ,Kavya hugs her and sleeps. Rakhi tells Kinjal to leave the house, Anupama overhears all these .Kinjal thinks about Rakhi words

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