Anupama 29th July 2021 -Vanraj angrily THROW’S the newspaper on seeing 2 Star Review

Anupama Episode 29th July 2021

Today’s episode starts with Anupama.Anu prays to god.Kavya looks for the newspaper and anu catches the paper,kavya snatches the newspaper and vanraj and everyone gets shocked to see 2-star review by Mansi.Vanraj gets angry at kavya and throws the newspaper. Kavya accuses anu for all this.

Vanraj says that kavya is responsible for this and not Anupama as it is mentioned in the paper that mansi likes the food made by anu and Leela but she hated the owner’s behaviour. Husmukh tries to support kavya but vanraj tells him not to do so.

Samar recieves a message from his friend and vanraj asks that what else bad news is there. Samar switch on the tv and they see that a food vlogger has reviewed there cafe and said that the cafe is good.

Anupama recognises the girl and says that it is Kiara the last day she visited the cafe. The girl praises Anupama and say that they must visit the cafe.

She tells that she visited the café last day. Kiara in her blog tells to her fans that she visited the café as a common customer but Anupama’s hospitality made her feel good. 

She praises Anupama in her Vlog and urges the public to visit ‘Leela Ka Café’.nandini tells that now no one is going to see mansi’s review and the family gets happy.

Vanraj goes to kavya and says that he knows that kavya is jealous, kavya tries to manipulate him against anu . She says him that he should stop behaving like Anupama’s manager.

Samar praises Anupama. Anupama tells Samar that Vanraj might not like the review. Samar asks why. Anupama says because he is hurt and she can feel it.

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Leela tells vanraj to have some sweets, he says to give sweets to Anupama as the whole credit is her’s . Paritosh find penthouse keys and gets excited thinking that she will be shifting with him to the penthouse.

Paritosh gets irked with Kinjal and alerts her if she will not shift with him then he will stay at penthouse alone.Later on Vanraj tells to Anupama that he can’t take more favours from her.

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