Anupama 20th July 2021: Kavya to change her name to ‘champakali’

Anupama 20th July 2021

Anupama gets her first student. A man admits her daughter to anupama’s Academy. Anupama gets happy. After that many starts coming and samar helps in the admission process Anupama says that if they want they can wait in the cafe. Kavya feels jealous she tells vanraj that if Anupama wants she could have sent some customer to the cafe.

Vanraj says that Anupama has not taken the responsibility of running the Cafe Kavya gets angry.There, Paritosh tries to talk with Kinjal but gets interrupted by a call. Kavya says that it has been a long time and you should close the cafe because no customer will be coming there.

Anupama says not to be so much negative she says everyone to spread and seat in different table so that from outside it looks that there are many customers in the store. Everyone likes the idea. Kavya says that by doing all this nothing has changed and no one will be coming there. She tells that if anyone comes there then she will be changing her name.

Soon a couple comes there and they order keto burger they like the place very much. Vanraj gets excited they go to the chef and tells to make a keto burger the chef tels that he does not now how to make a keto burger.The couple is ready to leave the place when anu stops the.

Anupama has made a keto burger and the couple likes it and praises anu.Vanraj and Kavya asks Anupama if she ever made keto burger. Anupama says once on Pakhi’s birthday.Vanraj tells to Anupama that his first income came because of her. Shah’s too praises Anupama.Kavya asks to shut the café as it is late. Hasmuk makes Kavya understand not to ever say shut the shop

Later on everyone plans to have dinner at Leela’s cafe Vanraj does friendship with Anupama and both laughs. Next day pakhi asks Leela to serve food to her, samar says pakhi to take the food on her own.Anu says she will serve the food kavya comes and says she will help her serving the food and pakhi gets happy.

Kinjal decide to visit the cafe post office but paritosh tells her that he wants her to accompany him to rakhis dinner.Kinjal says that she cant visit the cafe.Vanraj tells kavya to come with him but she says that she cant come with him to the cafe every day.

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