2 million Whatsapp accounts in India were banned in 1 month, says WhatsApp in new report

Whatsapp account banned in india

Whatsapp has banned 2 million accounts in India since the last one month.The accounts were banned using automated technology.The platform blocks around 8 million accounts a month around the world.

Whatsapp has received 345 complaints from India, where it has 530 million users.WhatsApp is now the fourth company after Google, Facebook and Twitter to publish the report and appoint officers in keeping with the new guidelines.

Kazim Rizvi, founder, policy think tank, The Dialogue, said,”It is possible to take down accounts without breaking the end to end encryption,Whatsapp uses automated technology to detect spammy users.Like, If 100 messages are sent to unknown contacts within 15 seconds of registration, in such cases the platform may block the user……It is important to note that platforms cannot take down content due to end-to-end encryption and can only ban accounts.”

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